Raw Material: The Diary, 1958

Posted by rebecca.mcswain on April 6, 2015 at 4:45 PM

The totality of diary entries for 1958, the first year I wrote it, age 11.

January 1, 1958

At Cornelia’s house. Cornelia and I stayed awake and went downstairs at midnight. It was snowing when we went to church. A beautiful church called Saint Peter in Chains.


January 2, 1958

At Cincinnati it snowed heavily. We went sledding and I lost my glasses! Our airplane flight was delayed until tomorrow.


January 3, 1958

We left Cincinnati. I was very sorry to go. It was dark as we left the airport. The flight home was very pleasant.


January 4, 1958

I am determined to study today for mid-term exams. In the evening I went to Mary's to spend the night. I went to the library with Ann and Mary this morning.


January 5, 1958

Mary went to church with us this morning. We had to stand up. Nothing much happened today,


January 6, 1958

Monday again! No tests today except for a few Arithmetic tests. I made 94 and 100.


January 7, 1958

Religion test today! Twenty-five questions! I made 100. Mrs. Pietrovalle was cross a lot today.


January 8, 1958

Science test today! It was very hard. I made 100. At the end of the day, about 2:40, Dennis, Jane, Patricia, DeAnne and I were fighting! Poor Dennis, he doesn’t have a chance, surrounded by so many girls!


January 9, 1958

History test today! It was simple! I made 100. A very uneventful day.


January 10, 1958

Geography test today! I stayed in from P.E. to study. Mrs. Pietrovalle gave us her correct answer book.


January 11, 1958

Nothing to write about today.


January 12, 1958

Another uneventful day. We went to 10:00 Mass.


January 13, 1958

English test on Nouns today! I made 94.


January 14, 1958

English test on pronouns today. I made 100. At recess I lost my watch. I think it is in my coat locker.


January 15, 1958

Girl Scout meeting. I was assigned to make a poster on the sixth basic food, meat. English test on Adjectives today. I made 100.


January 16, 1958

Mrs. Pietrovalle got sick and had to go home today. She gave us our Spelling test before she left and I made 100.


January 17, 1958

No school today! Daddy brought home the basketball this morning.


January 18, 1958

Sunday. Nothing exciting happened.


January 19, 1958

Monday and back to school.


January 20, 1958

Tuesday. What a day. At ten o’clock sister told us to go to the church for… Choir!


January 21, 1958

Turned in my poster at Girl Scouts. We practiced modeling our skirts.


January 22, 1958

Thursday. Nothing happened today except that Pepper finished her heat period.


January 23, 1958

Friday and the end of the week.


January 24, 1958

New girl moved into Valentinos’ house. Her name is Beckie Bean!


January 25, 1958

Today after church, we asked Beckie to come and play basketball at Marian High. She couldn’t go. She said that her mother was going to sell her bike because she had no place to ride it.


January 26, 1958

Back to school today. We’re going to have a Religion test tomorrow.


January 27, 1958

Religion test today. I made 97.


January 28, 1958

We modeled our skirts for the parents at Girl Scouts.


January 29, 1958

Science test today! I made 100.


January 30, 1958

Our satellite launched today! Yipee! The Army satellite Explorer.


February 1, 1958

Nothing to write about today.


February 2, 1958

Found out Pepper is mated.


February 3, 1958

Completed my ‘Reader’ badge in Girl Scouts.


February 4, 1958

I got a wonderful book from the Book Nook today, “The Little Lame Prince.”


February 5, 1958

No Girl Scouts today. Mrs. Marshall was sick.


February 6, 1958

No Coment [sic].


February 7, 1958

Got a terrible scare today. We had tornado warnings. Then we saw a big cloud, a low, whining sound came from it.


February 8, 1958

Cold today.


February 9, 1958

Religion oral test today. I made 100. Poor Beth! She made 0. 


February 10, 1958

Another religious test today! I made 100. Whew!


February 11, 1958

First meeting at Mrs. Burchell’s house. Our troop started on our “Glass” badges today. It was very interesting.


February 12, 1958

Got a letter from Cornelia today.


March 27, 1958

I went to Fanchon’s house today. We rode the bus. It was a lot of fun!!


March 28, 1958

Fanchon and I went to Meyerland today. I bought some beautiful handkerchiefs.


March 29, 1958

Fanchon and I stayed up until 1:30!!


March 30, 1958

Fanchon and I said goodbye this afternoon. I certainly enjoyed it!!


March 31, 1958

Two English tests today! I made 95 and 92. I didn’t understand what I did. I returned my books to the library. At 6:00 I went to Mary’s recital.


April 1, 1958

April Fool’s day! This morning Mommy scared me to death by coming into my room at 7:30 and saying, “Oh, Becky, you can’t wear that dress, it has a big hole in it”!!


April 2, 1958

Girl Scouts today. We worked on our Musical Appreciation badges at Mrs. Marshall’s.


April 3, 1958

Didn’t do much in school today. The dachshund got into our yard today!!!


April 4, 1958

Good Friday today! No school!! We went fishing today at North Jetty. Tim caught 3 catfish! I caught 1!


April 5, 1958

I had to clean up the yard today!!

Daddy built a pen for Pepper’s pups.


June 22, 1958

Our pastor is leaving today, dear diary. Our new pastor will arrive in about a week.  

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